Frozen Rabas in Air Fryer

Frozen Rabas in air fryer
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Frozen Rabas in Air fryer

Enjoy this recipe on how to make Frozen Rabas in an air fryer. Simple recipe on how to make frozen rabas in our deep fryer. Quick and easy


  • 80 grams of frozen skate
  • Salt or lemon.


  1. Insert the rabas in the basket, avoiding overlapping one on top of the other
  2. Put the fryer on for 7 minutes at 180 degrees
  3. Once this time has elapsed, turn them over, so that they are cooked on both sides, and put the fryer on for another 7 minutes at the same temperature
  4. Ready to serve
  5. .

Chef’s Recommendations

Check when you turn them over to see if, depending on your model of fryer, you need to leave them a few minutes longer or a little less, depending on how crispy you want them. You can add a little salt or a few drops of lemon juice to give them a different touch.

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