Cheese, apple and lemon pie for air fryer

Cheese, apple and lemon pie in air fryer
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40 Minutes

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Cheese, apple and lemon pie in Air fryer

Enjoy this recipe on how to make Cheese, apple and lemon pie in an air fryer. A rich and easy to make apple cheesecake that is not cloying and leaves you wanting more.


  • 3 eggs
  • 90 g sugar
  • 125 g lemon yoghurt
  • 200 ml whole milk
  • 150 g cream cheese (Philadelphia type)
  • 150 gr de harina
  • 1 large golden manzana
  • 1/2 lemon


  1. In a bowl, beat the eggs, add the sugar and beat with the whisk until well blended.
  2. Then add the remaining liquid ingredients (the yoghurt, milk and cream cheese) and continue working with the whisk until you have a well blended cream.
  3. Finally add the flour, and stir again with the whisk until there are no lumps in sight.
  4. Peel the apple, cut it into four large pieces, leaving the core in the middle, and cut each piece into slices 2 or 3 millimetres thick. Put the apple in a bowl, squeeze the juice of half a lemon over it, and stir.
  5. Preheat your deep fryer to 170 degrees. In the meantime, pour the apple cheesecake cream into a baking tin lined with parchment paper and sized according to the dimensions of your fryer.
  6. Place the apple pieces on top of the custard as if they were roof tiles, without pressing down.
  7. Place the pan in the basket of the air fryer, close, and cook at 170 degrees for 30 minutes, and your lemon apple cheesecake is ready!

Chef’s Recommendations

If in doubt, when you take the apple cheesecake out of the air fryer, prick it with a skewer or a knife, and if it comes out clean, it is set; if it comes out smeared with cream, you need to give it a little more time.

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