Boiled eggs in Air Fryer

Boiled eggs in air fryer
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20 Minutes

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2 people

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Boiled eggs in Air fryer

Enjoy this recipe on how to make Boiled eggs in an air fryer. Curious way of making boiled eggs without using water, perfect for salads or to accompany any other meal. Moreover, there are studies that say that having it for breakfast is quite good.




  1. Introduce the eggs you want in the basket, the most important thing is that they do not overlap one on top of the other
  2. Place the air fryer at 130 degrees for 15 minutes
  3. Once this time has passed, take them out and place them in a bowl with cold water to slow down the cooking process for 5 minutes
  4. Once this time has passed, they are ready to be peeled
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Chef’s Recommendations

When peeling them, it is important that they have cooled down, otherwise they may stick to the shell. This also happens when we cook eggs in the traditional way. I usually make 4, which is why I have put that it is for two people, although in theory, the time should not vary. When you do it for the first time, if you don’t get them to your liking, vary the time the next time.

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