Aubergines with honey in Air Fryer

Aubergines with honey in air fryer
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20 Minutes

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4 people

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Aubergines with honey in Air fryer

Enjoy this recipe on how to make Aubergines with honey in an air fryer. Rich and simple recipe for aubergines with honey


  • 2 normal sized aubergines
  • Frying flour
  • Honey
  • Coarse and fine salt
  • Dried chopped basil (optional).


  1. Peel the aubergines, cut them into sticks similar to French fries.
  2. Fill a salad bowl with cold water and add a handful of coarse salt. Submerge the aubergines, cover, and leave to bleed for an hour.
  3. Drain the aubergines well and dry them as much as possible on a clean kitchen towel.
  4. Prepare a plate with flour and fine salt, all mixed together, and flour the aubergine sticks in batches.
  5. Preheat the air fryer to 195º and meanwhile spray the aubergine sticks with olive oil spray until well impregnated on all sides, but without stirring.
  6. Fry the aubergines at 195º for 12 minutes, without overcrowding. In a 5-litre fryer you can turn them all over. If it is smaller, do it in two batches.
  7. Right out of the fryer, distribute the fried aubergines on the plates and drizzle a few strands of honey on top of each one (the quantity, to taste).

Chef’s Recommendations

The aubergines must be bled (it sounds bad, but it means putting them in salted water) to remove the bitterness, and if we leave them for more than an hour, we will not be overdoing it.

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