Supercroquettes in Air Fryer

Supercroquettes in air fryer
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15 Minutes

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4 people

Recipe published on the Healthy Airfryer Recipes App by the user @ Gonzalo

Supercroquettes in Air fryer

Enjoy this recipe on how to make Supercroquettes in an air fryer. Quick, easy and tasty recipe for super croquettes


  • 1 packet of frozen croquettes
  • Olive oil.


  1. Start placing the croquettes one by one with a small gap in the basket.
  2. Once you have them all, spray them with oil spray or brush them with a kitchen brush impregnated with oil (optional)
  3. Set 12 minutes at 180°.
  4. Halfway through cooking (6 minutes), open and turn all the pieces over.
  5. After the time is up, serve directly at the table.

Chef’s Recommendations

If you want, once the time is up, you can brown them for 2 or 3 minutes more. The time and temperature will depend on the power of your air fryer.It is not necessary to let them cool once they are cooked, serve them with a side dish, potatoes, meat or rice. Enjoy!

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